83% remember the advertiser from a promotional product.

Promotional items are a proven, cost effective way of marketing your brand to a large audience with minimal work. When giving out promotional items, or gifts, it creates conversation and an opportunity for the recipient to return the “favor” and more likely to do business with you.  By having a unique and new product to hand out, it will draw attention to your business and promote conversation amongst your potential customers. Promotional items also tend to stick around for a long period of time where as a newspaper ad may run for a week or a month. Which leads to repetition - brand recognition requires repeated exposure to your name, slogan and logo. Customers are more likely to remember you if they have been exposed to it thousands of times.  Promotional items have the ability to show off your brand continuously. So, what will you choose to expose your brand?

    when to use

Personalized keepsakes

• Weddings

• Anniversaries

• Family Reunions

• Community Events

• Birthday Parties

• Fundraising

• Activities

• and much more!

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    when to use


• Trade Shows

• Sales Calls 

• Meetings

• Open Houses

• Employee Events

• Customer Appreciations

• Tours / Visitors

• Community Events

• Fundraising

• and much more!

promotional items